SOE students shine at the UMaine Student Symposium

Students from the School of Economics excelled at the 2019 UMaine Student Symposium.  We proudly acknowledge the research accomplishments of these students (and their faculty advisors).  SOE undergraduate students presenting their research at the symposium included: Dominic Gayton (Dr. Angela Daley); Betsy Spear (Dr. Andrew Crawley); Quinn Jones (Dr. Caroline Noblet); Erin Brown (Dr. Caroline Noblet); and Nick Alvarez (Dr. Caroline Noblet). SOE graduate students presenting their research at the symposium included: Muntasir Rahman (Dr. Angela Daley);  Jonathan Gendron (Dr. Andrew Crawley); Avery Cole (Dr. Keith Evans);
Olga Bredikhina (Dr. Caroline Noblet and Keith Evans); and Mariya Pomonova (Dr. Jonathan Rubin). The annual UMaine Student Symposium provides an opportunity for the public to interact one-on-one with UMaine students as they present their research and creative work. Congratulations students and faculty advisors ! To learn more about the 2019 UMaine Student Symposium, click here.