Northern Light Opportunities in Maine

Northern Light Acadia Hospital in Maine has exciting opportunities for Clinicians and Behavioral Health Coordinators, and I was hoping you could help circulate these positions with upcoming graduates and alumni? The majority of these opportunities offer sign on bonuses.


Graduate Clinician Orientee:


Interested candidates can contact me directly, or visit our website and enter the corresponding job ID to learn more or apply. (Jobs with * indicate remote opportunity)


9691 Substance Use Disorder Program Psychiatric Clinician II/CCPC
*9069 Adult – Outpatient Psychiatric Clinician II/LCSW
3775 Behav Hlth Consult Prof Svcs Psychiatric Clinician II/LCSW
*9495 Healthy Life Resources (JAX Lab) Psychiatric Clinician III/LCSW
958 Integrated Behav Hlth Clinic (Brewer Family Medicine/Corporate Drive) Psychiatric Clinician III/LCSW
1695 Integrated Behav Hlth Clinic (St. Joes) Psychiatric Clinician II/LCSW
2384 Integrated Behav Hlth Clinic (EMMC Husson Family Medicine) Psychiatric Clinician II/LCSW
9587 Observation Unit Psychiatric Clinician I/LMCSW
6800 Pediatric Day Treatment Clinic Psychiatric Clinician II/LCSW
6801 Pediatric Day Treatment Clinic Psychiatric Clinician II/LCSW
10482 Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Clinician I/LMCSW
10483 Adult Inpatient Graduate Clinician Orientee
*4654 Pediatric Inpatient Psychiatric Clinician I/LMCSW
4977 Workforce EAP EAP Counselor/LCSW
10602 Workforce EAP EAP Counselor/LCSW




Behavioral Health Home Coordinator:

8541, 9083, 7418, 7207, 7051, 5755, 4059, 8540, 8771


Barbara Richard
Northern Light Health
Wilson Street
Brewer, ME 04412
Office 207-973-7343