This year’s theme for NECURH’s Spring Leadership Conference is Marty Goes HoME. In Maine, home is not only where you live but the community around all of us. Philanthropy is all about giving back to the community and because of this, we want to make sure that children don’t have to worry about supplies that they need in order to thrive in school.

We are working with Ruth’s Reusable Resources in a philanthropic effort to provide schools in Maine with materials they need to educate students. We will be holding drives to collect unwanted school supplies as well as redeemable bottles leading up to SLC 2020.

To contribute, delegates can bring school supplies or plastic bottles to collection areas on campus. During their time on campus, guests can also notice bottle collection boxes during programming, boardroom, and socials.

ruth's reusable resources 25 year anniversary logo

View the donation letter here