Five Year Combined SET/MBA Programs

One of the strengths of the engineering technology degrees is their inclusion of training in core business skills necessary to be an effective engineer in industry. For those students that wish to increase their marketability, we encourage them to consider a combined engineering technology/Masters in Business Administration path. This innovative path allows a student to earn both their Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology AND their Masters in Business Administration in only five years. For further information about this program go to: The One-year MBA Page

Admissions Timeline for Current UMaine Students

First – Third Years:

  • Meet with undergraduate academic advisor
  • Maintain a 3.2 overall GPA
  • Submit Declaration of Intent to Enroll form
  • Complete with a B- or better:
    • BUA 201 financial accounting
    • BUA 202 managerial accounting
    • ECO 120 macroeconomics
    • ECO 121 microeconomics
    • Statistics (ie. STS 215 or STS 232)
  • Complete at least one of the following with a B- or better:
    • BUA 350 finance
    • BUA 270 marketing
    • BUA 325 management

Third Year:

  • Meet with MBA program director
  • Apply and receive provisional admission to the MaineMBA

Fourth Year:

  • Begin graduate level courses
  • GRADUATE WITH BACHELOR’S (March in Spring Commencement)

Fifth Year:

  • Complete final graduate- level courses
  • GRADUATE WITH MBA (March in Spring Commencement)

Important: In the senior year of your undergraduate program, providing you 1.) have completed all business prerequisites with a grade of B- or better, 2.) maintained a 3.2 GPA and 3.) have applied and been provisionally accepted to the MBA, you may enroll in two MBA courses. Graduate courses do not substitute for undergraduate courses in the student’s current program of study to satisfy credit hours needed to earn the bachelor’s degree.