• Registration for these courses is via the MaineStreet registration process and/or UMaine Summer University.
  • Admission to this course is ‘permission only’ granted by the instructor.  Permission will be considered only after students complete and submit the Pre-Course Documentation noted below.
  • The course will meet on Wednesdays; Summer session (31 May- 16 Aug.) and Fall session (30 Aug.- 20 Dec.).  Tentative course schedules are posted below.
  • Course capacities are limited, however, prospective students are encouraged to complete and submit the pre-course documentation in the event a space becomes available.  A waiting list will be generated in the order that completed applications are received.
  • Summer 2023-  registration for the summer section of SMS324 is now closed.
  • Fall 2023-  the fall 2023 section of this course is full; new registrants will be placed on a waiting list and notified if spaces become available.  

Pre-Course Documentation

Course syllabus and registration instructions are posted below.  Individual Diver Forms required for registration are described in the Registration Instruction Letter, and can be found on the ‘Documents and Forms’ page of this website.

SMS324 Academic Diving Syllabus (Summer & Fall 2023)

Registration Instructions-SMS324 (Summer& Fall 2023)

SMS324 Tentative Course Schedule (Summer- 2023)

SMS324 Tentative Course Schedule (Fall- 2023)


Summer Session 2023 Assignments (due on date noted)

31 May

Follow-Up Registration Letter-SMS324 (Summer:Fall 2023)

Sci. Diver Statement of Understanding and Code of Conduct

PADI Liability Release

Diver In-Training Exercise

DAN Prepared Diver e-learning course (*invitation sent via email)

SMS324 Tentative Course Schedule (Summer- 2023)


7 June

General Class Announcements-SMS324 2023

UMaine Diving Emergency Management Procedures (2023)

SMS 324 Homework Expectations (2023)

SMS324 Detailed Schedule and Assignment Summary (Summer 2023)

Dive Log Assignment (2023)


Dearborn Scholarship Application (2023)

Safe Diving & the Diver

Rinsing Equipment-Regulators

Weighting for Scuba

Halcyon Eclipse BCD Adjustment

14 June

Piston v. Diaphragm regulators

How to Breathe Like a Pro

Getting There- Diver Propulsion

Getting There and Back-Navigation

21 June


“The Scuba Science Revolution”

Eelgrass surveys in Eagle Harbor

Morro Bay Eelgrass Sampling


28 June

UMaine Dive Computer Exercise

Oceanic Veo 4.0 Operating Manual

Dive Computer Considerations (Huggins, 2012)

Safe Habits: Safety Stops

5 July

Deep Diving Reexamined

High on Depth

Estimating Air Consumption

12 July

Staying Afloat-BCD Problems

Diving Fizzyology

Shallow Water AGE


19 July

NBDHMT- Unresp. Diver Rescue

Gradient Factor

GFM Model

Where’s Dave

26 July

2 August

9 August

16 August