Diving Operations: COVID-19


***Diving Operations: COVID-19***

UMaine diving operations remain restricted, in accordance with University of Maine guidance for operations durng COVID-019.   Please see the UMaine Coronavirus link at the top of this website for community and University updates and/or contact the UMaine DSO for more information:  crigaud@maine.edu



Scientific/Research Diving Operations

  • Calendar Year 2021–  Scientific divers wishing to conduct or plan diving operations during this time must submit a request for essential research to the Office of Vice President for Research and a Dive Plan to the Diving Safety Officer and Diving Control Board.  Requests will be reviewed on an individual basis as time permits. The UMaine Diving Control Board has formulated procedures and best practices for conducting diving operations in accordance with University policy/procedure and consensus within the broader scientific diving community.  See updated COVID19 Diving SOP  (2021) below.

**Addendum-COVID19 Diving SOP (2021) this document serves as an addendum to the UMaine Scientific Diving Standards, for use during COVID19.


Academic / Training Course

  • SMS324- Summer and Fall sessions of SMS324-Introduction to Research Diving will be held in accordance with University policy/procedure for in-person/ face-to-face classes.

Stay tuned to the ‘Diver Training’ page of this website for information and updates on all Academic/Training courses.

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.

-Christopher  Rigaud, UMaine Diving Operations Manager