Graduate Year Concentration Thesis Current Current Location
Grace Gonnella 8/2018 Physical Science   Teacher Maine
Molly Picillo 8/2018 Life Science  Understanding Student Development Of Science Literacy Skills in an Undergraduate Environmental Science Course    


Graduate Year Concentration Thesis Current Current Location
William Ferm 5/2017 Physical Science/ Mathematics Examining Student Ability to Follow and Interact with Qualitative Inferential Reasoning Chains Teacher  
Maura Foley  8/2017 Earth Sciences Contrast Dependent Knowledge Development in Contrast Supported Scientific Observation MS Teacher Connecticut
 William Schlager  5/2017 Earth & Life Sciences  Assessing Students’ Understanding of Variability and Graph Interpretation Through an Authentic Science Investigation    
 Betsy Trenckmann 5/2017 Earth & Life Sciences  Development of an Active-Learning Lesson that Targets Student Understanding of Population Growth in Ecology HS Teacher Maine
 Derek LaBarron 8/2017 Life & Physical Sciences  Investigating the Assessment of Abstraction as a Key Component of the Nature of Models  Special Ed Teachers Aide New York
 Savannah Lodge-Scharff 8/2017 Physical Science/ Mathematics  Investigating Student Mental Models at the Intersection of Mathematics and Physical Reasoning in Physics HS Teacher  Massachusetts