MST Program Details- K-12 Classroom Experiences

Course- and Thesis work

  • Observations as part of your coursework – one component of the required educational psychology course is to conduct observations in a nearby middle or high school, which can be a good first peek into the classroom.
  • Collaboration with teachers through research – MST students have the opportunity to partner with PK-12 classroom teachers when designing and carrying out education research for their thesis.

Teaching Partner Program

To help support our piloting teachers with planning and implementation, we’ve created the Teaching Partner role. This position is typically filled by undergraduate STEM education students, graduate MST students, and STEM faculty/staff members.  Teaching Partners are matched one-to-one with a piloting teacher and will support that individual teacher on a weekly basis throughout the semester or year. Teaching Partners are expected to spend 6 hours per week on their assignment, with at least 3 of those hours in person with the teacher and/or in the classroom. The responsibilities of a Teaching Partner include helping a teacher with lesson preparation and planning, assisting with set-up and clean-up of classroom activities, facilitating small group discussions in class, helping with differentiated instruction, providing content support if requested, and offering general consultation on the new instructional resources.

Student Teaching

All students seeking teacher certification will need to complete a semester of student teaching (15 weeks). Students usually complete their student teaching assignment during their second spring semester of the program. During this program you will be partnered with a mentor teacher who teaches the grade level and subject area for which you are interested in attaining certification. Usually students begin this program by observing the class and learning from your mentor teacher. Over time your role will become more active as you eventually take the lead in instructing the majority, if not all, of your mentor teacher’s classes. Student teaching is  great way to gain classroom teaching experience with the support and guidance of an experienced classroom teacher.

While student teaching you will also be taking a seminar course that is paired with your student teaching experience (SMT 591). During this class you will reflect on your teaching experiences and develop your teaching portfolio. This class meets in the evenings, approximately 6 times throughout the course of the semester.

K12 Opportunities during the Program

If you are a recent graduate or current professional who wants to become a teacher but has not yet had any experience in the K-12 classroom, the MST program provides a variety of opportunities for you to get into the classroom before you graduate.  Some of these include:

A teaching partner working with a middle school student