InterChemNet –  InterChemNet (ICN) is a Web-based management program designed to foster active learning in the laboratory. The system allows students choices of discovery-based experiments, a host of background information, and quick and easy access to UV-visible and FTIR spectrometers. The system creates individualized pathways for students by allowing instructors to present a hierarchy of lab choices and assignments in a given week. An evaluation module is integrated into the system to provide immediate feedback for students and evaluation data for instructors. Because assessment is integrated with curriculum delivery, ICN facilitates the introduction of chemical education research into existing courses based on local curricular goals. By making it easy for instructors to analyze learning outcomes for the course, ICN can be used to promote a systematic and evidence-based curriculum development cycle.

Peer Lead Team Learning (PLTL): The Peer Led Team Learning Model utilizes peer-led group activities among students to enhance student understanding of science and engineering topics. PLTL provides an active learning environment that creates leadership roles for undergraduates and engages faculty in a creative and revolutionary new method of teaching.

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College Chemistry and Algebra students’ understanding of the relation of algebra to stoichiometry
By: Maggie McMoarn Hutchinson

Many students and teachers alike will agree that content understanding of algebra is important to an understanding of stoichiometry (a concept fundamental to the study of chemistry) but little has been done to show how these two are related, or even if there IS a correlation. My general topic of study is looking at how students view both algebra and stoichiometry, and whether or not their understanding of either of these two, affects their ability to do the other. More specifically, I am interested in how student’s transfer their algebra ability and understanding to their ability and understanding of stoichiometry. There are many similar concepts between the two, but also some stark differences, such as A + B really CAN be AB in chemistry, but certainly not in algebra.