Residence Hall Councils

Purpose of RHC

RHCs are a group of residents from each building and complex that represent advocate for the needs of their hall communities. Each RHC has a hall council board and a group of general members. RHCs work RHA to improve the on-campus living experience and create a sense of community amongst all residents!

If you are interested in being a part of your RHC, please contact your Community Coordinator or Assistant Community Coordinator.

The complexes are broken down as such:

  • Hilltop
    • Somerset, Knox, Oxford
  • Stewart
    • Gannett, Cumberland, Androscoggin
  • Hart, Hancock, and Oak
  • York, Aroostook, and Kennebec
  • Balentine, Colvin, Estabrooke, and Penobscot
  • DTAV/Patch

RHC Positions

Each RHC has a board similar to RHAs. The basic responsibilities for the different positions are as follows:

  • Council Chairperson: Oversees the RHC, plans RHC meetings, works with the RHC advisors, and attends a monthly RHC Chair Committee meeting held by the RHA President.
  • Advocacy Chair: Oversees the DEI efforts of the RHC, works with chairperson to advocate any community concerns, tries to create an inclusive space for all RHC members, promotes educational resources for council, and attends Diversity & Inclusion committee meetings.
  • Finance Chair: Oversees the RHC budget with the VPFA, attends budget council meetings, and helps write funding requests or budgets for programs.
  • Engagement & Outreach Chair: Develops programming initiatives for residence halls, work with VPP to create campus wide programming, helps coordinate social media, and works for recruitment and retention of RHC members.
  • RHC Representative: Attends general assembly, helps with the social media and outreach for RHC members, a member of RHA committees, and provides RHA/NEACURH updates during RHC meetings.
  • General Members: Residents that volunteer time to help with programming, attend RHC meetings, participate in General Assembly, provide concerns to their RHC, help with the recruitment of RHC members, and participate in RHA or NEACURH committees. They are the backbone and support to RHC!