Residence Hall Councils

Each complex has one Residence Hall Council (RHC). The RHCs include a President, Vice President, Secretary, Marketing Chair, and RHA representatives. The RHCs meet every week as an executive group and some hold community meetings that all residents are allowed to attend. If you are interested in being a part of your RHC, please contact your Community Coordinator or Assistant Community Coordinator.

The complexes are broken down as such:

  • Hilltop
    • Somerset, Knox, Oxford
  • Stewart
    • Gannett, Cumberland, Androscoggin
  • Hart, Hancock, and Oak
  • York, Aroostook, and Kennebec
  • Balentine, Colvin, Estabrooke, and Penobscot
  • DTAV/Patch

The basic responsibilities for the different positions are as follows:

RHC Advisors: Assists the RHC in all matters and gives them helpful advice.

President: Run RHC meetings and delegates work to other RHC members.

Vice President: Assists in the running of RHC meetings and fills in for President when they are absent.

Secretary: Keeps notes of all meetings and sends them to the rest of the RHC members.

Marketing Chair: In charge of the RHC social media and program advertisements.

RHA Representative: Attends all RHA General Assembly meetings and is the liaison between their RHC and the RHA, also votes on all matters at RHA General Assemblies.