UMaine and UMM community alerts

How will the UMaine and UMM communities be notified if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 on the campuses?

Anyone who has been asked to self-isolate or quarantine by a medical provider in relation to coronavirus or is awaiting test results for COVID-19 is asked to voluntarily contact the UMaine and UMM Community Information line at  207.581.2681 for off-campus and on-campus students, staff, and faculty to self-report COVID related concerns; for those who have been asked to self isolate by the health care provider; for those asked to not attend class by their health care provider; for those who had a positive COVID test from a healthcare provider; or those who may have had a potential exposure. Your call will be routed to the appropriate resource.

In the event of an illness outbreak, UMaine will issue community health advisories, including prevention information and efforts, and relevant fact sheets, and will identify a UMaine contact person for more information.

Currently, an individual who is being tested for COVID-19 waits up to 48 hours for results. The university, under CDC guidance, will ask the individual to stay out of the workplace, classroom and lab, and self-quarantine until test results are available. Students living on campus will be directed to one of the designated rooms set aside for this purpose.

If the results are positive for COVID 19, your medical provider or UMaine and UMM will notify the Maine Center for Disease Control if a positive case has been identified on their respected campus.

In addition the Maine CDC will initiate an interview of the positive individual for a list of close contacts and activities over the past 48 hours to be able to reach out to any individuals who may have been within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more. The ME CDC then will contact each of the individual’s identified close contacts.

The positive individual will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days. Students living on campus will be asked to self-isolate at one of the oncampus rooms designated for this purpose. The individual be allowed to return to work, resident hall room, or classes after two negative COVID-19 lab tests.

Thank you for your understanding of the extraordinary circumstances this situation presents for all of us. Refer to the University of Maine System guidelines for university travel for business and personal travel for guidance.

The Campus Communicable Disease Surveillance Policy also is online.