Open on-site

The following UMaine and UMM facilities and programs have received approval to resume on-site staffing and operations. Check their websites for details.

UMaine Cabinet members and deans are responsible for requesting specific employees return to work on campus and for submitting plans to the UMaine emergency operations center (EOC).

UMaine Research Facilities

Advanced Manufacturing Center
Aquaculture Research Center
Aroostook Farm
Blueberry Hill Farm
Cell Culture Research Lab
Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research
Chemical Processing Lab
Commercial Kitchen
Confocal Microscope Lab
Darling Marine Center
Diagnostic Lab
DNA Sequencing Facility
Energy Testing Lab
Food Processing Lab
Fraver Tree-ring Lab
Higgins Materials Lab
Highmoor Farm
Littlefield Garden
Littlefield Nursery
Matthew Highlands Pilot Plant
Microwave Lab
Multiphoton Microscopy Room
Nanomaterial Pilot Plant
Paleoecology Microscope Lab
Process Development Center
Roger Clapp Greenhouse
Rogers Farm
Seafood Lab
Sensory Evaluation Center
SW Cole Concrete Lab
Training Resource Center
UMaine Extension Plant Pathology Greenhouse
University Herbarium
Witter Farm
Wood Products Wing Lab
Wood Shop

UMaine Research Labs

Advanced Geotechnics Lab
Alyokhin Lab
Amirbahman Lab
Annis Lab
Boss Lab
Bousfield Lab
Brawley Lab
Bricknell Lab
Bruce Lab
Calder Lab
Cammen Lab
Clay Wheeler Lab
Cole Lab
Croall Lab
Cruz-Uribe Lab
Ek Han Tan Lab
Emanetoglu RF Photonics Lab
Gallandt Lab
Gosse Lab
Gramlich Lab
Gundersen Lab
Hall Lab
Hamlin Lab
Hao Lab
Henry Lab
Hess Lab
Howell Biointerface and Biomimetic Engineering Lab
Jayasundara Lab
Kamath Lab
Kelley Lab
King Lab
Klemmer Lab
Klimis-Zacas Lab
Kopec Lab
Kreutz Lab
Kurz Lab
Li Lab
Lichtenwalmer Lab
Longcore Lab
MacKay Lab
MacRae Lab
Maginnis Lab
Mech Lab
Neely Lab
Neivandt Lab
Porter Lab
Rawson Lab
Rob Wheeler Lab
Romero Lab
Schwartz Lab
Sorg Lab
Tajvidi Renewable Nanomaterials Lab
Talbot Lab
Tilbury Lab
Townsend Lab
Van Beneden Lab
Van Heiningen Lab
Van Walsum Lab
Wason Lab
Wells Lab
Yingchao Yang Lab