Guidance for faculty and staff

What is the most up-to-date guidance and resources for UMaine and UMM employees? πŸ†•

Human Resources has a Welcome to Fall Semester website. Employees with questions also can contact their HR Partner or the Employee Benefits Center at; 866.269.9635 or 207.973.3373.

What should UMaine faculty and staff do when preparing to return to their workplaces?

Online training is expected of all employees returning to a UMS campus. This is a link to Return to Campus Training in UMS Academy. And there is more information on the University of Maine System Together for Maine website. COVID-19 health and safety guidance for faculty and staff, including information on how the university community will be notified of positive cases, is on the website. Testing for RT PCR active infection on campus is for students, new employees and graduate assistants arriving from out of state, or current employees traveling back to campus from out of state. Face coverings are required indoors and outside while on campus. Employees alone in their office are not required to wear face coverings. For further questions, contact Ryan Ward in Facilities Management, who can provide assistance in evaluating office layouts and protective equipment, if needed.

What does the 2020–21 academic calendar look like?

The updated 2020–21 academic calendar is online.

Is there guidance for employees returning to campus, and UMaine offices and facilities statewide?

The University of Maine System has an online “Return to Campus Training Guide,” and a series of UMS Return to Campus videos, with ASL versions. The July 6 human resources communication in connection with the UMS Together for Maine initiative is online.

Will the university provide face coverings required for employees while on campus?

Yes. Two reusable cloth face coverings are made available to each UMaine and UMM employee on return to campus. Colleges and departments can use the online  COVID-19 Essential Supplies Request Form to order as-needed supplies, such as hand sanitizer, cloth face coverings, disposable surgical face masks, clear hygiene barriers and social distancing floor signs.

Should individual employees be using the supplies request form to place PPE orders in order to conduct research and other activities specific to their research groups?

No. The COVID-19 Essential Supplies Request Form was not designed for individuals to order supplies. UMaine’s Emergency Operations Center supply chain was developed to document all supplies directly relate to the COVID 19 mitigation efforts. Depending how a division is organized, unit supervisors or above should be the only ones placing orders. Those orders should also intersect with your Return to Work plan and be based on calculated β€”not perceived β€” need. In addition, we cannot acquire items not listed under this process. All other expenditures need to follow regular channels.