How do self-administered T3 tests on campus work?

Shield T3 self-collected COVID-19 saliva test kits will be used for symptomatic testing on campus.

Read the instructions included in the test kit to understand the process fully before beginning your sample self-collection. A how-to video is online.

Note: After collecting your saliva sample, you have 12 hours to: 1) activate your test kit in PointnClick, the UMS COVID-19 portal and then 2) drop off your sample.

Test results are typically available within 24 hours.

Instructions for activating your kit:

  • Log into PointnClick using your UMS username and password
  • Be sure you’ve activated the COVID-19 Testing Consent form
  • Click the “Home Kit Activation” link in the left-hand menu and continue to the next page
  • Enter your 12-digit specimen number and 5-digit test kit number, both found under the barcode on the sample tube; note that an error message will result if numbers are in the incorrect fields and they will need to be reentered
  • Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to receive a “Success” confirmation
  • Drop off your sample at Estabrooke Hall at the times listed above

For assistance in using PointnClick, including accessing your test results, please visit the UMS PointNClick Web App User Guide or contact the US:IT Help Desk.