What is the latest guidance on group size limits on campus and public access?

The University of Maine System’s latest guidance is online. A link to Chancellor Malloy’s Nov. 13 community message is online. It includes the following information regarding the overall special provisions in place regarding its general operations and in-person activities:

  • Public access to campus: For the time being and until at least Thanksgiving, members of the general public are asked to defer any visits to campus. Beyond a general request to avoid campus, members of the public are alerted that each university may be curtailing access at least through Thanksgiving to a number of facilities, such as fitness facilities, bookstores, libraries and so forth. Any member of the public who must come to campus or who has an appointment scheduled on campus is encouraged to confirm in advance with the campus they are visiting that they will be able to carry out the purpose of their visit before making the trip. University dining facilities are not be open to the public at this time.
  • General group size limits: In-person group gathering on campus or for university business are limited to not more than 50 persons in keeping with the directives of Maine civil authorities. Such gathering must be consistent with the other guidance of civil authorities such as those requiring social distancing and face coverings.
  • In-person instruction group size limits: In-person classes will be limited to no more than 30 people being present at any one time, unless a special allowance is provided by the respective university’s leadership. Face coverings and physical distancing will be part of the protocol. This in-person size limit should not be confused with a limit on the enrollment size of a class. Rather, the limit is regarding how many individuals can be physically present at any one time for a particular class, not how many individuals can be enrolled in the class. The overwhelming majority of University of Maine System classes already are far smaller than this size limit. Those which are larger will assume an alternative instruction format to ensure any in-person instruction can adhere to the class size limit and the physical distancing, face covering and other pandemic protocols.
  • Community spaces and facilities such as libraries, museums, gyms, retail stores, computer labs and study hall: These spaces – especially the extent they are available to the general public – may be curtailed between now and at least Thanksgiving in their operations and especially may be curtailed regarding access by the general public based on the determinations of each university between. It is suggested that visitors check in advance to ensure their business can be conducted.
  • Childcare centers: Any childcare facilities operated by the university, under its auspices or in university facilities may now operate upon approval by campus leadership and the campus emergency operations team, and in compliance with any other requirements that may be in place by civil authorities in Maine, in particular the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Economic and Community Development.