UMS work and pay guidance, May 7

In conjunction with the University of Maine System operations updates posted For Employees and For Everyone on the Public Health Advisory page Tuesday, prior pay guidance requiring the use of 50% sick time and 50% vacation time is no longer in effect and is updated as follows:
From May 17 through June 30, employees may use sick time for:
  • Personal illness as normal
  • Personal isolation or quarantine of the employee as directed by healthcare provider or government agency
  • Illness of an immediate family member
  • Need to care for immediate family member who is subject to isolation or quarantine
  • General lack of available work
  • Lack of work due to inability to work remotely
  • Inability to report to work and/or inability to work remotely due to school and daycare closures
For the last three items in particular, employees should discuss with their supervisors options relating to work availability and pay continuation.
Exception to new pay guidance: Employees who began leave of absence prior to March 15 and who remain on leave will continue to follow pay practice in place at that time until they are able to return to work. This may mean that a combination of sick and vacation time is appropriate. Please contact the Employee Benefits Center  should you have concerns or questions specific to your leave. 
As always, employees are encouraged to check the relevant sections of the web site for information particular to their needs as the University continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. More information is anticipated to become available over the course of May and June.