UMM undergraduate programs pass/fail protocols, March 25

These are extraordinary times for our faculty, staff, and students. As we work to transition to new course delivery formats, living conditions and health uncertainties, the faculty and staff intend to extend the greatest possible consideration for students. The purpose of extending the timeline to choose a pass/fail grade is to provide a choice for completing the semester that also maintains academic integrity. Some students may be improving a GPA and need a grade while others are concerned with keeping pace while circumstances or living conditions impede studying or learning. Likewise, faculty members may be concerned about completing course objectives so that students are prepared for the next set of courses in a sequence, the integrity of exams, or the impact of new delivery modalities on learning. Our goal is to offer a student-centric option, guided by faculty and advisors. The protocol:

  1. The University of Maine at Machias will extend the time frame for undergraduate students to select a pass/fail option in each undergraduate course for this semester. Students could then elect to take a pass/fail grade between April 10th and May 1, 2020, for the spring semester. The procedure to select a pass/fail option will be completion of an online form available in early April 2020.
  2. Pass/fail grades, should they be chosen by the student, will follow the definitions in the 2019-2020 Catalog. For courses on the pass/fail grading option:
    • P, Pass, normally represents a C- or above. Credit is earned, but the grade point average (GPA) is not affected. Note: for spring 2020 only, a P will count as a C or above.
    • LP, Low Pass, is a D+, D, or D-. Credit is earned, but the GPA is not affected
    • F*, Failed, means that no credit is earned and the GPA is not affected.
  3. With this protocol, the University of Maine at Machias will allow students to take multiple courses as pass/fail. This option will be treated as a graded course for the purpose of degree completion and will be coded by the registrar’s office to allow these courses to meet requirements within allowable limits (i.e. a P may be required as opposed to an LP).
  4. Pass/fail courses will not count in the GPA. A grade of “P” will not meet a C+ or higher prerequisite requirement. For spring 2020 courses only, however, a grade of P will meet any C or higher prerequisite and satisfy any University criteria that requires a grade of C or higher.
  5. Once the student has chosen a pass/fail option for a course, there is no opt-out from that point — the course will be pass/fail for that student.
  6. Please note: in some majors, a “P” will not satisfy licensure or accreditation requirements. The transfer of a P or LP grade to another academic institution will depend on that institution’s transfer policies. If there are questions, please contact a faculty member, advisor, department chair, or Head of Campus as we are all here to assist in making this choice.
  7. Faculty members will communicate with students to ensure that each is aware of the opportunity to elect a pass/fail grade from April 10 to May 1, 2020.

Students: Before you make a decision, please reach out to your Professor and Faculty Academic Advisor to ensure the pass/fail option will not impact your academic program, financial aid, or future goals. We are all here to support you toward earning your University of Maine at Machias degree. Please ask us if you have questions.