Human Resources update, March 15

With the closure of some of K–12 schools, preschools and daycares, we understand that some of our employees will need to stay at home to care for their dependents. We ask that you work with your supervisor to determine if you can conduct your work at home, adjust your work schedule or take vacation time — or a combination of those options. Your campus human resources partners are available to assist you in this process. If you are an employee with no vacation time, please contact your campus Human Resources Partner.

If you or your dependent(s) become sick during this time, and you are a benefits-eligible employee, please inform your supervisor and access your paid sick time. Visit the University of Maine System Labor Relations web page and see your specific union contract for additional details. NonRepresented employees should see their employee handbook for additional details. If you are an employee with no sick time, please contact your campus Human Resources Partner.

Federal legislation is expected to be passed regarding employee benefits associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Assuming it is passed, we will update this guidance accordingly.

And please remember, all leave time should be entered into MaineStreet promptly, or you should follow established guidelines within your department for it to be entered on your behalf.

For those of us remaining on campus, I want to recognize this may create additional complexity in meeting the in-person coverage on campus. Please reach out to your supervisor and/or human resources to work through solutions and strategies.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) remains a resource for all employees as you contend with the challenges that COVID-19 presents you and your families.  You can reach the EAP at 1-877-622-4327 or at

Thank you for your continued collaboration and understanding as we continue to navigate the new and unique challenges we face collectively.


Chris Lindstrom
VP Human Resources

Below is an easy reference to your campus HR Partner team to help you navigate your specific needs/questions. The main number is 207.581.1581.

  • Brian Drisko:
  • Kelly Hoovler:
  • Jessica Johnston:
  • Nicole Lawrence:
  • Chris Lindstrom:
  • Vanessa Sanderson:

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