Gold Card Benefits

Gold Card benefits


  • Free campus parking permit
  • Continued access to Fogler library
  • Two free tickets per year to the Emera Astronomy Center
  • Free attendance at performances sponsored by the School of Performing Arts.


In addition, you receive one of the following Event Pass options:


Athletic Events Pass

 Six free tickets to UMaine athletic events that are part of the regular season.  If you choose this option, you must go to the Athletic Ticket Office as soon as possible with your Gold Card and Athletic Events Pass. Please remember that once tickets have been purchased, they cannot be exchanged for a different athletic event.




CCA Events Pass

Two tickets to performances at the Collins Center for the Arts. Please note the enclosed CCA events pass is redeemable for a total of two tickets valued at up to $50 each. If your desired ticket costs more than $50, you may pay the difference. If you choose this option, take your Gold Card, CCA Events Pass, and list of performances to the Collins Center for the Arts Box Office.  If you purchase only one ticket for an event initially, the CCA Box Office will note that you still have an additional ticket on hold for a future performance.


Please note that the events passes are not transferable.