Virtual Communities are residential communities that communicate primarily through online means. These communities are interest-based and not assigned to any one area of campus.  In some cases, these communities will collaborate on projects and find ways to stay connected outside of the classroom.  All virtual communities are based through Discord, though each community may vary.  Here is the Discord invite link if you would like to join our virtual communities:

Our Virtual Communities are: The Gamer’s Dojo, Procraftination (arts and crafts), Chillin’ in the Kitchen (cooking and baking), Book Club, Music Maniacs (music and podcasts), Travel Talk (about traveling), Bearfit (fitness), Film Fanatics (film and TV), and Stress a ‘Lil Less (cultivating calm and stress management).

All students interested in joining one of the Virtual Communities should reach out to Jessica Chubbuck, Assistant Director of Residence Life at 207.581.6105 or by emailing

Book ClubFind the next book you can't put down!
ProcraftinationDIY, Pinterest, and arts and crafts addicts unite! This a place for all skill levels!
Chillin' in the KitchenFrom pasta to pecan pie, inspire your inner chef!
BearfitNeed some motivation? Looking for a workout buddy? Bored with your same old routine? The fitness community is the place for you!
Music ManiacsSchedule a jam session or listen to the latest albums.
Travel TalkTravel the world without leaving your computer!
The Gamer DojoVideo games, tabletop games, board games...oh my!
Film FanaticsFrom Netflix binge watchers, to film connoisseurs - everyone is welcome here!
Stress a 'Lil LessTake a deep breath and learn strategies for reducing your daily stress!