Residence Hall Association

Visit the Residence Hall Association website

The residence halls at UMaine have their own governing board called Residents Hall Association (RHA).  RHA members work to advocate for the particular needs and issues of students living on campus in the residence halls.  In collaboration with Residence Life and Auxiliary Services, RHA works to make each hall, as well as the general campus, a better, safer and more welcoming place to live.

Each residence hall at UMaine has an ambassador to RHA.  These RHA representatives advocate for change on behalf of everyone living in their residence hall.  RHA reps meet with the Residence Life staff in their building weekly, and also meet with all other RHA reps and the RHA Executive Board weekly. Being an RHA rep is a great way to:

  • Get involved
  • Be an advocate for your peers
  • Make decisions about what happens on campus
  • Set priorities about how to allocate funds
  • Develop leadership skills and your resume
  • Be invited to get involved in other ways
  • Be identified as a leader in your building
  • Start to make connections with other students, student government organizations and staff across campus

Getting involved here at UMaine can be a little scary or overwhelming at first.  Being a part RHA is a great way to test the waters, and also allows you to get involved right where you live!  For more information about getting involved with RHA, speak with your RA when you arrive in the fall, or email