Solicitation/Posting/Gambling Policies

Section 13: Solicitation/Posting/Gambling Policies

 A. Solicitation & Posting Policy

  1. The university expects each resident or visitor to respect the privacy of other residents.
  2. Commercial endeavors and activities direct or indirect by outside vendors are not permitted in residence halls or quads.
  3. Fund-raising events, including charitable drives, may be permitted when authorized in writing at least 10 days in advance by the Community Coordinator in consultation with the Director of Residence Life. Fund raising must benefit a charitable cause, and may not be used as a fundraiser for a club or organizations benefit.
  4. Fund-Raising events must be intended primarily for the residents of that residence hall area and directly sponsored, implemented, staffed and fully controlled including advertising and handling of monies by the Residence Hall Association in conjunction with its advisor. Funds raised must be deposited in the hall account through the appropriate RHA personnel. Disbursements must then be made according to university procedures.
  5. No student may represent any outside agency or campus organization in selling or distributing products or services in the residence hall.
  6. Door to door fundraising or advertising is not permitted by any organization outside of Residence Life and Residence Halls Association.
  7. Students shall not use nor permit their rooms to be used for any sales.
  8. Posting Materials in the Residence Halls

a. The Department of Residence Life must approve all posters and fliers prior to posting in the halls.

b. Once materials have been approved the organization must count and label them as ready for delivery. Posters can be clipped in batches of eight for each residential complex and brought to the Department of Residence Life for distribution.

c. Notices of items for sale (personal property), lost and found, rides needed etc. may be posted in the halls by hall residents if they are approved by the Community Coordinator, and deemed appropriate for community display.

d. Failure by an organization to follow the procedures for posting materials may result in refusal to continue posting materials received from that organization.

e. The hall staff or students may refer any infractions of this policy to the Community Coordinator.


B. Gambling Policy

  1. Gambling or participation in games of chance on campus for money or other things of value is prohibited, including but not limited to bingo and poker games, except as provided by law.
  2. For more information regarding games of chance, contact Campus Activities and Student Engagement at 581-1793.


Updated 08/21/2017