Bike Storage

Section 22: Bike Storage

A. Bike Storage

  1. Every residence hall has at least one outdoor bike storage unit. Some halls also provide indoor bike storage.
  2. For safety reasons, bikes may not be stored in lounges, hallways or stairwells. If bikes are found in these areas, they will be removed and the cost of removal will be assigned to the owner.
  3. All students are strongly encouraged to register their bikes on campus through UMPD. Students are responsible to bring locking mechanisms to secure their bikes.
  4. Bikes may not be locked to sign posts or trees.
  5. Bikes remaining on campus after the close of the academic year are considered abandoned and are removed.
  6. No motor-bike, motorcycle, or other bicycle containing gas or other flammable substance is permitted in the buildings.


Updated 08/21/2017