Guide to Campus Living

The Guide to Campus Living is a guide meant to assist you in understanding your responsibilities as a member or guest of our Residence Hall community at The University of Maine.  Updates may be made periodically to this document.  Please refer to the document below for the most updated version.  The Guide to Campus Living outlines policies specifically related to Residence Hall Living.  For additional information on other campus policies you can review the Code of Student Conduct.  For more information about policies specifically related to your housing contract you can review your Room and Board License.

As a community member, we rely on you to report any suspicious activity.  We encourage you to seek out your RA, your CC or ACC, or to call UMPD at 207.581.4040.  You may also report a crime anonymously.  For emergencies, dial 911 from any campus phone.  We recommend entering the University of Maine Police Department phone number into your cell phone to connect you directly with dispatch when reporting an on-campus emergency from your cell phone.  That number is 207.581.4040.

Residence Life believes The University of Maine and all of our residence halls are “No Place for Hate”.  No Place for Hate is a campaign by the Division of Student Affairs to combat subtle and overt hate and bias on the UMaine campus.   We believe that bullying of any kind is harassment.  As citizens of this community, we will not tolerate harassment or bias behavior.  We rely on all community members to confront or report any instance of hate or harassment.  Together, we create communities that are safe and welcoming for all students, staff and guests.

Final Note:  No guide can possibly anticipate every question or situation in a residence hall community.  This guide is meant as a resource, and is complimented by the hard work and judgment calls of your residence hall staff, as well as the staff within the Division of Student Affairs.  If you have any questions or would like clarification about any information or policy listed in this guide, please contact your Community Coordinator.

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Download the Guide to Campus Living here (PDF)