Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center

The Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center is a nonpartisan, independent, research and public service unit of the University of Maine. Created in 1990, the center was named to continue the legacy of Sen. Margaret Chase Smith who was a model of civil discourse and integrity. The center’s work frequently includes partnerships and collaboration with UMaine departments, as well as with other Maine colleges, universities, foundations and private and public stakeholders, often crossing local, state and federal policy boundaries to provide an interdisciplinary approach to addressing policy concerns. The center strives to continue its tradition of independent and objective inquiry in the spirit of the respected Maine senator it is named after.

MCSPC research areas include:

  • Civic life and government
  • Community and economic development
  • Education
  • Energy and the environment
  • Health and public safety

 MCSPC research contributions include:

  • Economic analysis of education investments in Maine
  • Substance abuse epidemiology
  • Economics of greenhouse gas and other emissions reductions
  • Transportation and energy use policy
  • Analysis of poverty in Maine

 MCSPC points of pride include:

  • MCSPC publishes Maine Policy Review, which includes timely, independent, peer-reviewed analyses of public policy issues relevant to the state and written by contributors for a diverse audience including state policymakers; government, business and nonprofit leaders; students; and general readers with a broad interest in public policy
  • MCSPC brings Maine policy leaders to campus to share their expertise and experience with the UMaine community through the Distinguished Maine Policy Fellows Program
  • The center offers the Maine NEW Leadership Program, a public leadership training program for female college students that aims to strengthen political skills and build confidence
  • Through the Maine Government Summer Internship Program, the MCSPC combines work experience with an educational program designed to offer students an opportunity to participate in and contribute to state, local and county government

 Unique facilities, tools and libraries include:

  • MCSPC provides administrative responsibility for the Margaret Chase Smith Library in Skowhegan 

 Visit the MCSPC website for more information.

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