Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Required Training

All faculty, staff, and students involved with the use of vertebrate animals in research, teaching, testing, or related purposes are required to complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) web-based training in animal welfare.

The CITI training is valid for four years from the date of completion.  CITI will send reminders when it is time to retake the training.

Depending on the number of modules required, it could take several hours and multiple log-ins to complete.  Passing score for quizzes is 70%.  The components of the CITI training include:

  • Basic Courses
    • Working with the IACUC Course (for Investigators, Students, and Staff) THIS IS THE REQUIRED COURSE THAT MUST BE TAKEN
  • Species Specific Modules and Technique/Additional Information Modules:  in addition to the required “Working with the IACUC” course, we strongly recommend you take modules from these sections that apply to your research.

Instructions for Accessing Training (SUGGESTION:  print instructions before going to the CITI site):

  • Go to
  • Click on “Register” in upper right corner.
  • Type in University of Maine System in the box under “Select Your Organization Affiliation.”  Agree to the terms of service and click on “Continue to Step 2.”
  • Fill in the remaining (member) information.  Remember to keep your log in and password for future use.
  • Next, you will be asked to select one learner group based on your role.  The Lab Animal section is Question #6.  The basic course is “Working with the IACUC.”   THIS IS THE REQUIRED BASIC COURSE you must take.  There are also species specific modules and technique/additional information modules; we recommend that you also take module(s) from these sections that apply to your research.
  • You may exit and re-enter the CITI site as often as needed to complete the selected curriculum.  Each time you exit, your progress will be recorded, so that you can continue where you left off.
  • Once you have completed a course, you will be able to print out a completion report(s) from your learner’s menu.  We suggest you print the reports and keep them on file.  A copy is automatically sent to the IACUC Office, so you do NOT need to send copies.

Please contact Gayle Jones, 581-1498, or Paula Portalatin, 581-2657 if you have questions.