Faculty Research Funds Progam Information

2017 – 2018 Faculty Research Funds Program

UPDATE: 11/2/2017

  • Regular Faculty Research competition – 12/7/2017
    • The Regular Faculty Research competition supports work that can be completed in one year and provides research support other than faculty salaries.
  • Scholarly Materials and Equipment competition – 12/21/2017
    • The Scholarly Materials and Equipment competition is for the acquisition of equipment or library collections.
  • Summer Faculty Research competition – 1/31/2018
    • The Summer Faculty Research competition provides $8,000 awards for faculty summer salaries for a minimum of 1.5 months research effort.

How to Apply:

Interested UMaine faculty members should submit an application package using our InfoReady Review grant application submission portal:  https://umaine.infoready4.com/CompetitionSpace/#

  • Presidential Research and Creative Achievement Award Nominations –  TBA Spring 2018
    • Since 1974, in recognition of the mission to facilitate the research, scholarship, and creative activity of faculty at the University of Maine that results in national and international recognition, the President has annually presented the Presidential Research and Creative Achievement Award to a University of Maine faculty member who has attained such distinction

Program Information:

  1. Faculty members receiving substantial start-up funds are ineligible to receive awards from the FRF Program for a period of two years after the start-up monies have been spent; however, if the substantial start-up package did not include summer salary, the faculty member may apply for the Summer Faculty Research competition.
  2. The University currently has dedicated Maine Economic Improvement Fund (MEIF) monies to invest in specific research and development areas (advanced material and composites, biotechnology, precision manufacturing, aquaculture and marine sciences, information technologies, environmental technologies, and forestry and agriculture). It is therefore intended that priority for FRF funds will be given to faculty outside those areas. As a part of each application, faculty must list and describe the financial resources available for use under his/her direction during the current academic year, including gifts, grants and contracts, and ALL internal funds (start-up funds, cost-sharing, R&D funds, etc.).
  3. If you receive an award through the FRF Program, you must serve a future three-year term on the FRF committee.


NOTE for Summer Faculty Research Competition: While the instructions state that the competition is not intended to support the collective efforts of multiple investigators, and that priority is given to faculty outside of the Maine Economic Improvement Fund (MEIF) areas, the competition will encourage interdisciplinary research. If a faculty member in an MEIF area collaborates with a faculty member in a non-MEIF area, the $8,000 summer salary can be provided for both faculty members. Applications proposing research in Signature or Emerging Areas are also encouraged.

  • When the Faculty Research Funds Committee weighs funding decisions for comparable proposals, it gives priority to tenure-track members of the UM faculty and to faculty members who propose to redirect their research programs.

Eligibility is limited to full-time faculty. This includes tenured, tenure-eligible, and soft-money faculty for whom research is an expected component of their appointmentProposals will not be considered from individuals with delinquent reports from any previous FRF awards.

The Faculty Research Funds Committee represents a broad range of disciplines from the entire University of Maine faculty. Consequently, proposals should be written for a general audience (except the Methods and Materials section, where discipline-specific details are necessary).

The deadline for receipt of nominations for the Presidential Research & Creative Achievement Award will be announced in the near future. This award is made to a faculty member who has attained distinction in research or creative achievement.

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Please contact Jason Charland, Director of Grant Development, Office of the Vice President for Research, 581-2461, jason.charland@maine.edu if you have questions.