Research learning experiences at UMaine


My RLE experience was completely amazing. 

RLEs focus more on going into a lab or into a facility and visualizing what you’ve been taught about. 

I think research is really cool because it’s hands-on learning. So for people who don’t like to sit in a big lecture hall and just sit there kind of bored, twiddling your thumbs, you’re doing the work. 

So the first half of the semester, we were in the lab every day. 

I’ve talked to my friends who go to schools all over the country. I’ll tell them what I’m doing in school. How, “Oh, I’m doing this research, I’m presenting this research this weekend.” They’re always like, “How are you doing research already?” 

I feel like, generally, you don’t picture an undergrad to be doing research, let alone a first-year undergrad. 

Research has taught me to be an independent learner and think for myself and find the answers myself. 

So, when I go into the real world, get my own job someday, I will be set in being able to figure out what I need to do for myself. 

You should come to UMaine to do an RLE experience because you start doing research in the first year you get in, which then helps you throughout the rest of your college experience.