Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the cost of the program?

A: The fall RLE classes are a 100% free experience. The typical tuition costs for one credit hour will be waived. If you enrolled in the intensive summer week experience before classes begin (registration for the opportunity closed July 23) a program fee will be reflected on your fall bill. Questions about that program fee or scholarships to help cover it should be addressed to Alison Reed in the Office of Student Financial Aid at 207.581.1331 or

Q: After I submit my interest form, how soon will I be registered for the course?

A: We will send you a confirmation letter once we have begun processing your request. If you are a first-year student, someone from your academic major will let you know when you have a schedule for your entire fall semester courses, including your RLE. If we are unable to enroll you in an RLE, we will contact you directly. “No news” means that we are working diligently on it. If you are a second-year student, you can sign up for any RLE of your choice with open seats right now. The online form is meant only for first-year students. The MaineStreet course signup information is listed after each course description. If you are a rising sophomore and have questions about how to sign up for courses, please contact your normal contact in your major for assistance.

Q: I see that I have to select my top 5 preferences. What’s the likelihood that I will get my first choice?

A: Each course section has a limited number of seats, so the earlier you submit your registration request the better your chances! If we can’t fit you into these five preferences, we will contact you and ask if you are interested in any of the courses that still have seats open.

Q: I have questions about the course. Can I email the instructor?

A: Instructor information is listed as part of the course information on the website. Most faculty are engaged in travel and other scholarly activity during the summer and may not check their email prior to the end of August. For further assistance please contact us at or call 207.581.4848.

Q: Will we be required to wear masks or get tested before coming to campus?

A: Information on current expectations and updates to UMaine COVID-19 protocols can be found here at

Q: Is this a class where I will earn a letter grade? Can I take it Pass/Fail? Will it count toward my GPA?

A: Grading is set by the individual RLE instructors. Most students will earn a letter grade that will count toward their GPA, and for all students the credit will count toward the 120 minimum credits required by the university to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Q: Am I allowed to switch to a different RLE course in the fall (drop one and add a different one) during the August week or even during add/drop period?

A: Maybe. During the add/drop period (i.e., the first week of classes) you will be able to switch RLE sections if there are open seats. We do not anticipate many open seats, however. Speak with the office of your home major before the end of the first week of classes to get help with this.

Q: Who do I contact to ask a question?

A: Please contact us at or by phone at 207.581.4848.

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