UMS Research and Innovation Speaker Series

Previous Speakers

The UMS Research and Innovation Speaker Series is designed to highlight innovative, collaborative research happening across the system-much of this work was made possible through internal funding opportunities. The Zoom sessions will be held monthly; please sign-up for future talks through this registration page.

June 3- “Nursing Simulation Education/ANEW-HRSA”
Val HerbertAssociate Professor of Nursing, UM
Sean SibleyAssistant Clinical Faculty, UM

May 6- “Minority Francophone Communities in the Northeast”
Patrick Lacroix- Director of the Acadian Archives, UMFK

*April 22- “Wabanaki Languages Resource Center”
Conor Quinn;
Assistant Professor of Linguistics-University of Southern Maine

April 1- “Temporal and Geographic Shifts in Migratory and Resident Birds of Northern Maine”
Jason JohnstonAssociate Professor of Wildlife Ecology, UMPI

March 4-A Small Campus Story: Building Biology Research Infrastructure and Innovation Capacity at UMF”
NSF-EPIIC (Enhancing Partnerships to Increase Innovation Capacity)
Timothy Breton-Associate Professor of Biology, UMF

February 5- UMS Tourism, Hospitality, and Outdoor Recreation (THOR) Initiative”
Tracy Michaud-
Associate Professor of Tourism and Hospitality, USM
Karen Beeftink– 
Associate Professor of Recreation and Tourism Management, UMM

January 8* – “Wearable Robotics for Gait Training” NSF Career/NIH
Babak Hejrati – Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering-Dynamics and Controls, UMaine

December 4 – “Why Bioengineering Needs the Humanities: Perspectives from a 2023 NEH Summer Institute on Our SHARED Future: Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Research Ethics, and Deliberation”; Maine Digital Collaborative
John Muthyala – Professor of English, USM

November 6 – “UMA-UMF Human Services Training Collaborative”
Wendy St. Pierre –
Assistant Professor of Mental Health & Human Services, UMA

October 2, 2023 – “Strengthening the Teacher Workforce in Rural, Low-Income Communities”
Patty Williams – Professor of Early Childhood Education, UMF

September 11, 2023 – “Co-Translation: Making the Invisible Visible” (Nanotechnology & Art vs. PFAS & MicroPlastics)
Onur Apul – Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering; UM
Susan Smith – 
Graduate Coordinator of Intermedia Programs; UM

August 7, 2023- “Characterizing benthic mysid ecology and animal-fluid interactions in response to background flow, food, and light conditions” (NSF- RUI)
Rachel Lasley-Rasher
Assistant Professor of Biology; USM

July 17, 2023 “Accelerating New Environmental Workskills (ANEW)-NSF REU site
Kristina Cammen Assistant Professor of  Marine Science; UM

June 5, 2023“Foundations of Deep Neural Network Robustness and Efficiency” NSF- Career
Salimeh Yas
aei Sekeh– Assistant Professor of Computer Science; UM

May 1, 2023-“Cybersecurity for Maine Communities and Businesses”
Henry Felch-Associate Professor of Cybersecurity and Computer Information Systems; UMA

April 3, 2023-“Assessing Disparities in Access to Advanced Medical Device Therapy in Maine”
Asheesh Lanba-Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering; -USM

March 6, 2023 “Advancing Natural Resource Based Strategies for Rural Community Resilience”
Caroline Noblet-Associate Professor of Economics; UM

February 6, 2023- “Maine’s First Soft-Shell Clam Recruitment Monitoring Network: Highlighting a Statewide Fishery Crisis Through Citizen Science”
Brian Beal-
Professor of Marine Ecology; UMM

January 9, 2023- “Biomedical Data Analysis Using Deep Learning Approaches”
Rafiul Hassan-Associate Professor of Computer Science; UMPI

December 5, 2022-“Mountain Ponds as Sentinels of Change in the Northeast”
Rachel Hovel-Assistant Professor of Biology; UMF

November 7, 2022“Transforming Global Change Experiences through DEIJ-Centered Science”
Ned Rubert-Nason-Assistant Professor of Chemistry; UMFK