Shawn Ell

Associate Professor of Psychology and Graduate Coordinator

364 Williams Hall


Lab website

**Note to applicants: Dr. Ell is considering applicants for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Research Interests

My research program, broadly defined, investigates the cognitive mechanisms underlying human learning and memory. In particular, research in my lab focuses on category learning – that is, the process of establishing a memory trace that improves the efficiency of assigning novel objects to contrasting groups. Category learning is a particularly useful focus as it provides a model for investigating many key theoretical issues of general relevance to human learning and memory. More specifically, my research program investigates: 1) the nature and interaction of multiple learning systems; 2) rule-guided behavior; 3) the relationship between social stress and cognition; and 4) characterizing and improving cognitive function in individuals with Parkinson’s disease. In pursuit of these research topics, I use a number of methodological approaches to investigate category learning including traditional cognitive experiments with college-aged and elderly individuals, computational modeling, psychophysiology, and behavioral research with neuropsychological populations.

Selected Publications

Ell, S. W., Helie, S., & Hutchinson, S. (in press). Contributions of the putamen to cognitive function. In A. Costa and E. Villalba (Eds.), Horizons in Neuroscience Research: Vol. 7. Nova.

Ell, S.W., Hutchinson, S., & Maddox, W.T. (in press). Explicit and procedural-learning based systems of perceptual category learning. In N. Seel (Ed.), Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning. New York: Springer.

Ell, S.W., & Zilioli, M. (in press). Categorical learning. In N. Seel (Ed.), Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning. New York: Springer.

Ell, S.W., Cosley, B., McCoy, S.K. (2011). When bad stress goes good: Increased threat reactivity to a psychosocial stressor predicts improved category learning performance. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 18, 96-102.

Ell, S. W., Weinstein, A., & Ivry, R. B. (2010). Rule-based categorization deficits in focal basal ganglia lesion and Parkinson’s disease patients. Neuropsychologia, 48, 2974-2986.

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