New Faculty 2019—20

Mohammadali Shirazi

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sean Sibley


School of Nursing

Master of Science in nursing, University of Maine

Specialty: advanced practice nursing

Why UMaine? UMaine inspires vigor for learning and caring for one another, offering a small-town feel and diversity of people and thoughts.

Barbara Smith


School of Social Work

Byungjae Son

portrait of Byungjae SonAssistant Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Ph.D. in mathematics, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Specialty: nonlinear differential equations

Why UMaine? UMaine will be ideal for me to embark on a distinguished career in mathematics, excelling in both research and teaching.

Daniel Soucier

portrait of Daniel SoucierResearch Associate/Adjunct Professor

Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, Department of History, Maine Studies Program

Ph.D. in history, University of Maine

Specialty: warfare and the environment, Maine history

Why UMaine? Attending the University of Maine throughout my academic career and having great teaching opportunities throughout graduate school fostered a passion for helping UMaine students achieve their goals and maximize their potential.

Joshua Stoll

Joshua StollAssistant Professor of Marine Sciences

School of Marine Sciences

Ph.D. in ecology and environmental sciences, University of Maine

Specialty: marine policy

Why UMaine? Where better to study fisheries management and policy than in a place like Maine, which has one of the most iconic fisheries in the world?

Katie Swacha

Assistant Professor of English

Department of English

Ph.D. in English, Purdue University

Specialty: professional writing, rhetoric of health and medicine

Why UMaine? Having loved to visit (and briefly live in) the beautiful state of Maine throughout my life, I am so excited to settle here and join the widely respected English Department at UMaine! 

Michael Swacha


Department of English

Jared Talbot

portrait of Jared TalbotAssistant Professor of Developmental Biology

School of Biology and Ecology

Cynthia Tollerson

portrait of Cynthia TollersonAssistant Professor of Accounting

Maine Business School

A. Richard Vannozzi

portrait of Rich VannozziAssistant Professor of Surveying Engineering Technology

School of Engineering Technology, Surveying Engineering Technology Program

Master’s Degree in forestry, University of Maine

Specialty: surveying

Why UMaine? UMaine has given me so much academically, professionally and personally, this is the ultimate opportunity to give back.

Carlos Vega-Posada

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Ph.D. in civil engineering, Northwestern University

Specialty: geotechnical engineering 

Why UMaine? A very qualified academic staff and an excellent place for my children to get immersed in the American culture.