New Faculty 2019—20

Amanda Klemmer

portrait of Amanda KlemmerAssistant Research Professor in Food-web Ecology 

School of Biology and Ecology

Claire Yi-Chun Liang

portrait of Claire LiangAssistant Professor of Finance

Maine Business School

Ph.D. in finance, University of Alberta

Specialty: finance

Why UMaine? Nice people!

Shenhui Liu

Portrait of Shenhui LiuAssistant Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Ph.D. in mathematics, The Ohio State University

Specialty: number theory

Why UMaine? Friendly and dedicated colleagues, and a strong number theory group. 

Yonggang “Tim” Lu

portrait of Yonggang 'Tim' LuAssociate Professor of Business Analytics

Maine School of Business

Ph.D. in information systems and quantitative sciences, Texas Tech University

Specialty: business intelligence and analytics, Bayesian decision theory

Why UMaine? UMaine is the way academic life should be!

Jonathan Malacarne

portrait of Jonathan MalacarneAssistant Professor of Agricultural Economics

School of Economics

Ph.D. in agricultural and resource economics, University of California, Davis

Specialty: agricultural and development economics

Why UMaine? The university is a great community and Maine is a beautiful state!

Linda Markowsky

Assistant Research Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Curtis Marston

portrait of Curtis MarsonLecturer 

School of Engineering Technology

Ljubisa Matic

portrait of Ljubisa MaticAssistant Professor of Theatre

School of Performing Arts

Ph.D. in theatre and performance studies, Stanford University

Specialty: contemporary theatre, theatre directing

Why UMaine? Because it is said to offer the most comprehensive liberal arts experience in the state.

Cam McDonnell


Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program

Jose Meireles

José 'Dudu' Meireles portraitAssistant Professor of Plant Evolutionary Biology and Systematics

School of Biology and Ecology

Ph.D. in biology, Duke University

Specialty: plant evolutionary ecology

Why UMaine? Because of its growing and vibrant biology department.

Derek Michaud

Derek Michaud portraitInstructor of Philosophy, and Coordinator of Religious and Judaic Studies

Department of Philosophy, and Judaic Studies and Religious Studies programs

Ph.D. in religious studies, Boston University

Specialty: philosophy of religion and philosophical theology

Why UMaine? Once a Black Bear (B.A. 1999), always a Black Bear.

Matthew Morse

portrait of Matthew MorseLecturer 

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Ricky Mullins


Maine Business School