New Faculty 2017—18

Katherine Allen

Assistant Professor of Earth and Climate Sciences

School of Earth and Climate Sciences

Elizabeth Armstrong

Elizabeth ArmstrongAssistant Professor of Social Work

School of Social Work

Ph.D. in social work and sociology, University of Michigan

Specialty: organizational responses to substance abuse and partner violence

Why UMaine? I chose Maine because of my amazing colleagues, and the wealth of opportunities here to get out and enjoy nature.

Warda Ashraf

Warda AshrafAssistant Professor of Materials for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Systems

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ph.D. in civil engineering, Purdue University

Specialty: construction materials

Why UMaine? Both teaching and research opportunities.

Sukhwinder Bali

Sukhwinder BaliAssistant Professor, Extension and Sustainable Agriculture

University of Maine Cooperative Extension

M.S. in soil science, Punjab Agricultural University, India; M.N.R.M., North Dakota State University

Specialty: precision agriculture and sustainable agriculture

Why UMaine? UMaine gives me an opportunity to teach agriculture courses, conduct educational programs for agricultural producers, address high-priority production issues, design and deliver workshops, and support research and educational outreach.

Caroline Bicks

Caroline BicksStephen E. King Chair in Literature

Department of English

Ph.D. in English, Stanford University

Specialty: Shakespeare, gender studies, the history of science

Why UMaine? The King Chair’s mission is more relevant now then ever: to bring public attention to the humanities, and to support the humanities-based talent that is already energizing the teaching, research, and creative expression in the community.

Rebecca Buchanan

Rebecca BuchananAssistant Professor of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction

School of Learning and Teaching

Ph.D. in education, University of California, Santa Cruz

Specialty: teacher education and literacy

Why UMaine? A close-knit environment that is investing in both the faculty and student experience in innovative and exciting ways.

Kristina Cammen

Kristina CammenAssistant Professor of Marine Mammalogy

School of Marine Sciences

Ph.D. in ecology, Duke University

Specialty: molecular ecology, marine mammal conservation biology and ocean health

Why UMaine? I appreciate UMaine’s strong commitment to research, teaching and service, and I am excited about building a research program to address current marine mammal conservation issues in the Gulf of Maine.

Muralee Dass

Assistant Professor of Management

Maine Business School


Sougata Dhar

Sougata DharVisiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Ph.D. in mathematical sciences, Northern Illinois University

Speciality: differential equations and mathematical inequalities

Why UMaine? The university is an ideal place for research and teaching, and surrounded by humble people.

Christopher Dufour

Christopher DufourLecturer in Computer Science

School of Computing and Information Science

M.S. in computer science, University of Maine

Specialty: high-performance computing

Why UMaine? I love Maine and higher education and teaching, and those come together with the students we have up here; there’s a lot of enthusiasm.


Dillon Ethier

Dillon EthierLecturer in Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Ph.D. in mathematics, University of Rochester

Specialty: combinatorics

Why UMaine? Because it’s beautiful.

Sara Flanagan

Sara FlanaganAssistant Professor of Special Education

School of Learning and Teaching

Ph.D. in special education, Purdue University

Specialty: literacy and high incidence disabilities

Why UMaine? UMaine is the perfect place for me to develop as a faculty member and leader in my field.