First-Year Student Success Courses

Off to a strong start: articulating clear purposes and best practices in first-year success courses

Charge to the committee

Final Working Group Report


  • Emily Haddad (Chair), Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Lynn Atkins, Instructor in Biological Sciences
  • Kate Axelsen-Foster, Assistant Director – Employer Relations
  • Orlina Boteva, Director of International Programs
  • Andra Bowen, Associate Director of Residence Life
  • Alice Bruce, Professor of Chemistry
  • Sandra De Urioste-Stone, Assistant Professor of Nature Based Tourism
  • Michelle Gayne, Assistant Director, Advising and Academic Services Center
  • M Plymale Larlee, Lecturer in Academic Writing
  • Natalie Machamer, Lecturer in Chemistry
  • Daniel Puhlman, Assistant Professor of Family Studies
  • Olivier Putzeys, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
  • Kate Ruskin, Lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Sciences
  • Joshua Stanhope, Assistant Director of Fraternity, Sorority Affairs and Leadership Development
  • Claire Sullivan, Coordinator of Community Engagement