Financial Disclosure Review Committee

Function: To ensure continued confidence of the people of Maine in the University, personnel engaged in extramurally funded work shall act at all times in a manner consistent with their public responsibilities to the University and shall exercise particular care that no detriment to the University results from conflicts between their personal financial interests and the interests of the University. Such interests can threaten – or seem to threaten – the integrity of educational programs and research agendas, the free dissemination of scholarship, and the appropriate use of public resources for public benefits. Accordingly, investigators shall disclose all significant financial interests they may have in extramurally funded work, and shall adhere to any conditions or restrictions imposed by the University to manage, eliminate, or reduce conflicts relating to those interests. Governed by the Policies and Procedures for Financial Disclosures and Conflicts of Interest in Extramurally Sponsored Activities. The Committee shall be responsible for (a) reviewing financial disclosures, (b) developing or approving plans to manage or eliminate conflicts of interest, and (c) advising the campus community about the Policy.

Membership: The Committee shall be comprised of the Vice President for Research (Chair), the Director of Research and Sponsored Programs (Secretary), the campus Patent and Licensing Officer, the Chair of the Research and Public Service Committee of the Faculty Senate, and one tenured faculty member from each College, appointed by their respective Deans to be staggered for three-year terms.

Current members:

Reports to: Vice President for Research & Dean of the Graduate School