Academic Standing Committee

Academic Standing Committee Year-End Report 2018-2019

Function: Identifies at the end of each semester those students who are not making satisfactory progress and takes appropriate action; also advises the Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs on various matters related to undergraduate academic programs.

Membership: (All are appointed ex officio by the President and serve without term)

  • Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Associate/assistant deans of the degree-granting colleges and Honors College
  • Director of Explorations and Foundations
  • Director of School of Engineering Technology
  • Senior Associate for Online Program Development and Adult Student Services, DLL
  • Representative from Office of Student Records

Current members:

John Mascetta, Advising and Student Services Center Director
George Criner, Associate Dean for Academics NSFA
Scott Dunning, Director of SET
Linda Reid, Associate Director Office of Student Records
Mary Mahoney-O’Neil, Associate Dean for Academic Services
Mohamad Musavi, Associate Dean of Engineering
Niclas Erhardt, Associate Dean School of Business
Michael Robbins, Acting Associate Dean for Academics, CLAS
Melissa Ladenheim, Associate Dean of Honors

Reports to: Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs