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Courses/Programs - ESL Endorsement Eligibility

Requirements for State of Maine
English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement

The ESL endorsement is offered through the State of Maine Department of Education Certification Office. Project Reach offers courses that fulfill individual requirements for this endorsement.  However, please note that only Certification can address Maine ESL endorsement.  Only Certification should address your specific questions concerning transcripts/degree(s) and Maine ESL endorsement.  Certification contact information is:  (207) 624-6603   FAX  (207) 624-6604

Eligibility for Endorsement 660: English as a Second Language can be established by completing one of the three pathways. More information about each pathway can be found at: (under Ch. 115   Certification, Authorization and Approval of Education Personnel, Click on Part II, Part II, Requirements for Specific Certificates and Endorsements  Scroll to 1.9) and at

Following is general information concerning Maine English as a Second Language (ESL) 660 endorsement. The information provided below is what is required for a full endorsement on a Maine teaching certificate.  ESL is a shortage area in Maine.  We refer to it as a “targeted need” area.  One who does not yet hold any type of teaching certificate may be hired and teach under a targeted need certificate with as few as 6 semester hour credits in ESL courses.  This person will ultimately need 24 credits, if it is the first certificate.  One who is currently fully certified in Maine qualifies for a “transitional endorsement” with 6 semester hours.  This person, too, may teach under a transitional endorsement while completing the remaining course and test requirements (9 additional credits and the Praxis II subject area assessment).

Generally, to be ESL 660 endorsed in Maine the primary path is to take 5 ESL courses above teacher certification.  There is no certification stipulation as to the 5 ESL courses one must take.  However, here are the 5 ESL courses that the project suggests for ESL endorsement, not just because they are necessary to prepare for the Praxis II but also because they are essential to being prepared to be an ESL teacher.

To apply for Endorsement 660 English as a Second Language (K-12) through the State of Maine Department of Education, you must obtain an Initial Certification Application. Visit to download an application and for detailed instructions.  You will need to follow the seven steps below.

  1. Complete, print and sign application for initial certification: List endorsement code 660 and grade level K-12 in the Certification Request(s) area (below your personal/contact information).
  2. Enclose all official undergraduate and graduate transcripts: Transcripts must show the completed ESL classes, your bachelor’s/master’s degree received, and the date the degree was conferred.
  3. Include additional documentation, if necessary
  4. Enclose appropriate non-refundable fees
  5. Enclose explanation of application questions to which you answered “yes”
  6. Include examination scores, if applicable: Proof of passing Praxis scores
  7. Submit application

You will not be notified if any information is missing from your application and incomplete applications will not be processed.  You can track your application through MEDMS.

 To research or apply for State Endorsement contact:
State of Maine Department of Education, Certification Office
23 Statehouse Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0023
Telephone: 207.624.6603 / Fax: 207.624.6604
Or visit their website at

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