Letterheads, Envelops & Business Cards


The template for standard University of Maine stationery is defined in the University of Maine Branding and Style Guide, published by the Division of Marketing & Communications. Requests for design modification or approval of departmental logos should be directed to Val Ireland, Manager of Creative Services, the Division of Marketing & Communications, 207.581.3754.

Order standard letterhead & matching #10 envelops

Standard University of Maine Letterhead (2 color)

Description Cost
 1,000 sheets (min. order) $120
 2,000 sheets $200
 5,000 sheets $440
 10,000 sheets $800
 Blank second sheets (Captiol Bond 24# Lt. Cockle) $0.04/sheet


Sample Return Address

Standard University of Maine #10 Business Envelopes (2 color)

Description Cost
 1,000 envelopes (min. order) $130
 2,000 envelopes $230
 5,000 envelopes $525
 10,000 envelopes $950

Standard University of Maine #10 Window Envelopes (2 color)

Description Cost
 1,000 envelopes (min. order) $115
 2,000 envelopes $205
 5,000 envelopes $465
 10,000 envelopes $840

The department’s return address is formatted to include the building number and Zip, plus 4, as shown in the illustrations above. Departments are also encouraged to add an account barcode for postage billing to the flap of #9, #10 and smaller invitation envelopes or an account barcode underneath the return address on larger envelopes. Please contact Customer Service for assistance with an account barcode if necessary at 207.581.3767.

Announcement Envelopes

Non-standard Stationery

Sample Letterhead

Sample Envelope

Printing Services produces letterhead and envelopes for University of Maine Athletics (shown above), the University of Maine System office, University of Maine at Augusta. We can also produce stationery for Cooperative Extension and any other campus within the University of Maine System.

Please contact us at 207.581.3767 for additional information and pricing.

Business Cards