2015 Symposium Proceedings



Session 1: Broad characterization of the Presumpscot Formation

Geology of the Nearshore and Coastal Presumpscot Formation from High Resolution Seismic Profiling and Vibracores
Daniel F. Belknap  and Joseph T. Kelley of University of Maine

Geomorphology of Presumpscot Formation Landslides
Stephen Dickson and Robert A. Johnston of Maine Geological Survey

The Influence of the Presumpscot Formation on Seismic Hazard in Southern Coastal Maine
Robert Marvinney and Hannah Glover of Maine Geological Survey

Use and Application of Piezocone Penetration Testing in Presumpscot Formation
Craig Coolidge of Summit Geoengineering Services

Session 2: Engineering Soil Properties of the Presumpscot Formation

Setup Factors for Driven Piles Through the Presumpscot Clay
Cameron Stuart of Golder Associates and Thomas C. Sandford of University of Maine

Development of SCPTu Correlations to Strength and Stress History of Presumpscot Clay
Melissa E. Landon of University of Maine, Mathew Hardison of Summit Geoengineering Services, Nicholas Langlais of AMEC Foster Wheeler, and Laura Krusinski of Maine Department of Transportation

Links Between Small and Large Strain Behavior of Presumpscot Clay
Christopher D.P. Baxter of University of Rhode Island, Yaurel Guadalupe-Torres of University of Western Australia, Brian Baffer of U.S. Coast Guard and M.S. Ravi Sharma of Advanced Engineering Technologies Inc.

Strength Change Investigation of the Presumpscot Clay Formation
Americo Santamaria of Sanborn Head and Nathaniel Bradley and Jean Benoît of University of New Hampshire

Session 3: Design and Performance of Presumpscot Formation Projects

The strength behavior of Resedimented Presumpscot Clay and a Comparison with Intact Behavior
Brendan Casey of Exponent, John T. Germaine of Tufts University, Richard T. Reynolds

25-Years of Loading an Old Presumpscot Clay Landslide: A Case History
Richard T. Reynolds

Design of the Crossroads Landfill over Presumpscot Clay
Scott Luettich and Nicholas Yafrate of Geosyntec Consultants, Richard T. Reynolds, and Sherwood McKenney of Waste Management

Runway 18-36 Extension Portland Jetport
James Weaver and Bryan Steinert of Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

South Portland Approach Preload: Design, Instrumentation, and Construction – Veteran’s Memorial Bridge Design-Build, Portland-South Portland, Maine
Christopher Snow and Andrew Blaisdell of GZA Geoenvironmental, Inc.

Session 4: Construction in the Presumpscot Formation – Panel Discussion


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