Presidential Public Service Award Committee


Since 1982, in recognition of the mission of public service at the University of Maine, the President has annually presented the Presidential Public Service Achievement Award to an individual University of Maine faculty member in a teaching, research, and/or public service unit who has demonstrated distinguished achievement in public service.

Public Service is the application of the special knowledge and skills associated with one’s professional life at the University of Maine to enhance the public good, whether through public education, direct assistance in specific situations, or long-term commitment towards achieving particular public service goals.  Hence, the definition excludes some forms of “community service,” such as serving as a scout leader or participating in other service activities that do not necessarily require one’s professional expertise or specialized knowledge of the University.  However, this definition is meant to include service that advances the effectiveness of or contributes to the mission of the University even if it does not require the discipline-specific expertise of the nominee.



  • Representative from the President’s Office, ex officio
  • Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, ex officio
  • one faculty member for each academic college (nominated by the dean)
  • professional employee representation from the following areas:
    • Cooperative Extension
    • Division of Lifelong Learning
    • Research
    • Fogler Library, (nominated by the dean/director)
  • Previous year’s award recipient

All appointments for three year terms, ending on May 31.


Vacant (President’s Office) ex officio

Jeffrey St. John

Sandy Caron (CEHD)

Karen Horton (ENG)

Vacant (CLAS)

James McConnon (NSFA)

Vacant (MBS)

Dennis Harrington

Marc Cryer

Vacant (Research)

Gregory Curtis

Susan McKay