Office of the President

Message to Students: Aug. 28

Dear UMaine Students:

Welcome to the 2017–2018 academic year. Whether you are coming to campus for the first time or you are a returning student we are thrilled that you are here! This is a wonderful place and your involvement in our living and learning environment is what makes us great. We encourage you to fully engage yourselves in the life of the campus. Your involvement both in and out of the classroom will be exhilarating and life changing.

As you have prepared to come to campus we’ve been reflecting on  the increased expressions of hate, incivility, and intolerance reported nationally and wanted to take a moment to reaffirm our community values of unity, compassion, inclusivity and civility. These values are unwavering. Our commitment to each other as members of a caring community is central to what makes this a wonderful place to live and study. We are, in fact,  distinguished by our engagement on difficult issues and civil discourse defines us.

We hope that these difficult times will serve to strengthen our community and we encourage every member of the UMaine community to continue to work toward a healthy democracy and a unified front where all people are dignified, respected, and supported. We stand together to affirm that harassment or intimidation of any kind will not be accepted. The University of Maine does not tolerate discrimination in any form.

If you see illegal, abusive or uncivil behavior, please say something to your resident staff, an advisor, the UMaine Police Department (581.4040) or the Dean of Students Office (581.1406) . These concerns will be addressed immediately.

UMaine is a safe, loving and diverse community, where partnership and communication are highly held ideals. This reality will always endure.


Susan J. Hunter, President

Jeffrey E. Hecker, Provost

Robert Q. Dana, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students