President’s Message to the Community: Jan. 31

Dear University of Maine students, faculty and staff,

In consultation with the chancellor, the Board of Trustees, and the other University of Maine System presidents, I write to reaffirm our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We embrace all of our students, no matter what religion they practice, how diverse their perspectives, where they come from or how long they have lived here.

Consistent with federal law, we maintain our strong commitment to the privacy of student records for all students. We share student information only as required by law.

We will continue to admit and support students consistent with our nondiscrimination policies, and we will identify the supports and resources necessary to help all of our students successfully complete the education they seek.

We value the principles and promise of our democracy and the ideal of liberty, where the opportunity to better yourself and your family through education should be considered sacrosanct.


Dr. Susan J. Hunter
University of Maine