Changing Maine 2011

Below are some documents relevant to the Changing Maine workshop that was held on January 30, 2011.

Bibliography of some relevant books and web links on market socialism, cooperatives, sovereign wealth and basic income.

On Market Socialism and Cooperatives:

Excerpt from David Schweickart’s chapter on models of socialism in Socialism (ed., Michael Howard)

Excerpt from my book, Self-Management and the Crisis of Socialism on market socialism

Michael Howard’s handout on market socialism

Michael Howard’s handout on cooperativism

my paper on Worker Controlled Workplaces (from Toward a New Socialism)

Michael Howard’s “omelet” outline

On sovereign wealth, basic income, and/or the Alaska Permanent Fund and dividend:

Excerpt of essay by Andre Gorz on basic income (from New Left Review, reprinted in Socialism)

Excerpt from essay by Sean Butler on the Alaska Permanent Fund (from Dissent)

Essay by Scott Goldsmith on the Alaska Permanent Fund