Careers & Graduate Schools

Philosophy can be used as preparation for graduate schools and non-academic careers. However, you do not have to go to graduate school in philosophy in order to benefit from a philosophy major. Philosophy graduates are successfully pursuing careers in business, government, journalism, law, medicine, computer science, publishing, community service and other professions.

Philosophy provides excellent preparation for advanced training or direct entry into these areas because it emphasizes: reasoning, thinking, seeing the big picture, analyzing different view points – skills that have universal application.

Nationally in 2006, Philosophy majors, as a group, had higher mean scores on the Graduate Record Examination Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing Sections than students in any other major, and scored higher than other humanities and most social sciences in the GRE Quantitative examination. In 1992 only Philosophy majors were five percent or more above the mean on the LSAT (law), GMAT (graduate management), GRE Verbal and GRE Quantitative examinations.

According to the APA, “ has released data showing average mid-career salaries of college graduates by major. [These] data make the philosophy major look like … a prudential choice.’s current data on ‘Best Undergrad College Degrees by Salary’ list starting median salary and mid-career (15.5 years after graduation) median salaries for 50 different university majors. Of the fifty, the philosophy major ranks sixteenth in mid-career median salary. Seven of the majors ranking above philosophy are various engineering fields.