K-12 Restorative School Practices

K-12 Restorative School Practices, Conflict Resolution Education, and Youth Violence Prevention Services for Maine Schools

NOTE: Between 1996 and 2010, the Peace & Reconciliation Studies Program received funding from the Maine Department of Health & Human Services to offer a wide range of services in K-12 conflict resolution education, peer mediation, youth violence prevention, diversity education, restorative discipline, school climate issues and relational skills, including:

  • Partnering with schools to improve school climate and culture through Community Circles and other restorative practices.
  • Publishing the Changing Ways Newsletter for Maine educators.
  • Offering courses, workshops, institutes and conferences for educators on restorative practices, mediation skills, conflict resolution, and related areas.
  • Maintaining a lending library with hundreds of resources on school climate, conflict resolution, peer mediation, bullying, diversity education, peace education, restorative discipline and related topics for all Maine educators.
  • Consulting with schools on youth violence prevention issues.

In the Fall of 2010, this funding was terminated due to budget constraints at the state level. However, the programming initiatives in these areas were transferred to the Restorative Practices Collaborative of Maine, a coalition of trainers and facilitators offering training and consultation to educators and schools throughout Maine on the restorative approach, restorative discipline and related areas.  The Collaborative works in conjunction with Peace & Reconciliation Studies to continue offering statewide workshops for educators.  See lists of current and upcoming workshops here:

For more information on the Restorative Practices Collaborative of Maine, contact Barb Blazej at barbara.blazej@umit.maine.edu.

The lending library mentioned above is currently housed at the Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine, 96 Harlow Street, #100, Bangor, ME 04401, 207.942.9343, info@peacectr.org.

The Resource links below continue to provide helpful information on these topics.