Certificate Program

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Certificate in Peace and Reconciliation Studies

Required Courses: (9 credits)

  • PAX 201: Introduction to Peace Studies (available live at UMaine, online, and sometimes live at the Hutchinson Center)
  • PAX 290: Nonviolence: Perceptions and Perspectives
  • PAX 410: Theories in Peace Studies

3 additional PAX courses from the following list (9 credits):

  • PAX 250: Peace & Pop Culture
  • PAX 260: Realistic Pacifism
  • PAX 350: Buddhism, Peace & Contemplative Traditions
  • PAX 351:  This Sacred Earth: Ecology and Spirituality
  • PAX 360: Conflict Resolution: A Relational Approach to Working through Conflict
  • PAX 370: Building Sustainable Communities
  • PAX 380: Ecovillages & Ecocities:  Models of Global Restoration
  • PAX 398: Topics in Peace Studies (varies each semester)
  • PAX 400: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Beloved Community
  • PAX 401:  Women Activists: Warriors for Peace and Justice
  • PAX 451:  Mediation: Premises, Practices & Policy
  • PAX 452:  Advanced Study in Transformative Mediation
  • PAX 470:  Sustainable Communication:  The Theory & Practice of Nonviolent Communication
  • PAX 491:  Forgiveness: Creating a Culture of Peace & Reconciliation
  • PAX 495:  Advanced Topics in Peace Studies (varies each semester)
  • PAX 498:  Special Projects in Peace Studies (independent study)

Please note that new courses are in development both on site and through distance technology; online courses in related areas are offered each semester and during the summer; a travel-study course in Peace Studies is often offered over Spring Break. This is a dynamic, engaged faculty, and we welcome your interest in this program!

FMI, please email Peace.Studies@umit.maine.edu