odigo_logoOdigo (formerly Zeomatrix) has collaborated with the PDC to develop highly advanced and unique technologies to solve persistent environmental problems. Odigo can rapidly design and manufacture zeolite-based composite materials that provide numerous clean tech solutions. Benefits include:

  • Advanced clean technologies to improve air and water quality
  • Environmental solutions that control odors in landfills and compost containers
  • Advanced composites for green building materials that are mold and fire resistant
  • Use of biodegradable and renewable resources such as paper instead of plastics

Zeo-Guard, is a value-added environmental product that inhibits the growth of mold. Zeo-Guard scored 10 out of 10 for Resistance to Growth of Mold on the Surface of Interior Coatings (ASTM D3273). The Zeo-Guard additive package improves mold resistance in many products while decreasing the need for additional costly and potentially harmful chemicals.

Zeo-BLOC is a patent-pending, odor blocking, paper technology that converts odors into non-reactive materials. An environmentally friendly and biodegradable product, Zeo-BLOC can be used in large settings (such as landfills) or in smaller applications such as compost piles or diaper pails.

Zeomatrix Compost Bags offers consumers an environmentally responsible option for composting food waste. Each bag is plastic-free and made of double-thickness Kraft paper. The Zeomatrix Compost Bag is free standing – with no need for a canister. The whole bag is tossed into the compost pile, adding carbon while naturally controlling odors.

Visit  Odigo’s website to learn more about the company and its products.