books-1419617-1279x852This list contains just a few of the books, articles and papers published by the Process Development Center’s staff, collaborators and partners over the past few years.

Isolation of lignocellulose nanofibrils (LCNF) and application as adhesive replacement in wood composites: example of fiberboardCherif Ibrahima Khalil Diop, Mehdi Tajvidi, Michael A. Bilodeau, Douglas W. Bousfield and John F. Hunt, Cellulose,  May 2017

Surface applications of cellulose nanofibrils to fine paper using different base sheet freeness levels, Donna A. Johnson and Mark A. Paradis, April 2017

Effects of cellulosic nanofibrils on papermaking properties of fine papers, Donna A. Johnson, Mark A. Paradis, Michael A. Bilodeau, Bruce Crossley, Marc Foulger and Pierre Gélinas, TAPPI Journal, June 2016

Production and Applications of Cellulose Nanomaterials, edited by Michael T. Postek, Robert J. Moon, Alan W. Rudie and Michael A. Bilodeau.

Using renewable nanotechnology to improve release base-paper performance, Robert H. Hamilton and Michael A. Bilodeau, Converting Quarterly, Quarter 3, 45:49, 2014.

Nano From The Forest, Mitch Jacoby, Chemical & Engineering News, 92(26)9:12, 2014.

Method for Production of Polymer and Carbon Nanofibers from Water-Soluble Polymers, Jonathan Spender, Alexander L. Demers, Xinfeng Xie, Amos E. Cline, M. Alden Earlu, Lucas D. Ellis, and David J. Neivandt, Nano Letters, Nanoletters, 12(7):3857-3860, 2012.

Spray-drying cellulose nanofibrils: effect of drying process parameters on particle morphology and size distribution, Yucheng Peng, Yousoo Peng, and Douglas J. Gardner, Wood and Fiber Science, 2012.

Drying cellulose nanofibrils: in search of a suitable method, Yucheng Peng, Douglas J. Gardner, and Yousoo Peng, Cellulose, 2011.