2021 3rd Annual Cellulose Nanomaterials Forum

This year’s forum was held in-person and virtual for those not able to travel due to Covid-19 restrictions.  The agenda for the 2-day event included keynote speakers, Blake Marshall and JoAnn Shatkin, invited guests from other universities and organizations as well as UMaine researchers. Researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory presented an update on the Hub and Spoke Partnership here at UMaine.  The event was capped with a tour of the UMaine nanocellulose facility and products using nanocellulose from researchers.  The Student Soiree with graduate student research posters was well attended.

The two-day event featured:

  • Keynote speakers addressed growing product opportunities for cellulose nanomaterials.
    • Blake Marshall, Technology Manager, Department of Energy
    • Jo Anne Shatkin, President, Vireo Advisors, LLC.
  • UMaine researchers shared updates on their work towards developing applications for various applications.
    • Susan MacKay, Senior R&D Program Manager II, Advanced Structures and Composites Center
    • Doug Gardner, Professor of Forest Operations and Bioenergy, School of Forest Resources
    • Islam Hafez, Assistant Research Professor, School of Forest Resources
    • Will Gramlich, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
    • Lu Wang, Post-Doctoral Research Professor, School of Forest Resources
    • Ling Li, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems, School of Forest Resources
  • Student Poster Session on a wide variety of projects including cellulose nanomaterials, biomaterials, and forestry.
  • Invited speakers shared projects within their research programs/studies.
    • Soydan Ozcan, Senior R&D Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • Meghan Lamm, R&D Associate Staff Member, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • Katie Copenhaver, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • Soledad Peresin, Associate Professor, Auburn University
    • David Cowles, Global Market Development Manager, Nanotechnologies, Valmet
    • Bob Hamilton, Stirling Consultants